Monday, July 6, 2009

I am an eat-WHAT-EVER-I-WANT-a-tarian!

That is right..let me say it again cause it feels so good!
I am an Eat-what-ever-I-want-atarian and proud of it.
While I have always been my own sort of rebel.
I have resisted and still resist labels of all kinds. Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw fooder, etc. The minute I say I am one thing or another...something inside of me wants to rebel.
The truth is that if I give myself "permission" to eat what ever I want or desire...Most of the time it is Fresh, raw, ripe, organic, local, beautiful fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds and nuts...
But there is more to the story. I know that if I eat sugar and processed foods...guess what..I crave more sugar and processed food. I don't feel good or vibrant or beautiful ... big surprise there...( my kids call that crabby food cause about 1 hour after I eat I feel and act crabby) So I listen to my cravings and ask a few questions...
Do I really want chocolate? or would a big hug or passionate kiss from my lover ( husband) do the trick? (*and I don't mean that the hug needs to come from someone else. The hugs we give our own souls are the most powerful!)
Yet it is surprising how often a big hug fills us up where food never will,
or going for a walk, or dancing around to your favorite songs, or being in the garden, or any of a thousand self nurturing things you can choose for yourself. But...sometimes I really want chocolate.. So Chocolate it is.

and just as "sugar makes you crave more sugar" the good news is that greens help you alleviate sugar cravings and hallelujah to that!
( celery juice is my big secret...more on that in the next post)
I also ask myself if my craving is what I call "mouth hunger) or really a deep body need. Feeding mouth hunger tends to make my favorite clothes not fit and cause my body to feel slow and yucky... on the other hand "feeding" deep true body hunger actually feels really good. Plus I feel energized and ready to go! So when I drive by a big barbecue and I can smell that barbecue smell associated with the July 4th and child hood..I say to myself, Yeah I can have that if I want it, "I am an eat what ever I want a tarian" I shout with delight...but how will make me feel after and how do I really feel about the meat industry? Would a yummy avocado, garden tomato, onion bread sandwich do the trick ( with an little crystal salt to splurge and indulge my salt craving) the answer is Yes!
Also it would be important to note that I have been filling my life with fresh greens and luscious fruits and vegetables for a while now and I know what beautiful natural foods quell my cravings so I don't often feel like I am "doing without" and that quiets my inner rebel.
I have also learned that there is so little true nutrition in the Standard American Diet (SAD) that your body might be feeling so" hungry" because it wants nutrition and you might just be giving it "fluff" so it kicks back on the hunger switch to get you foraging for something else...and the cycle continues...unless you make some changes
(Some would call me mainly "Raw Vegan" but the rebel within loves being an Eat-What-EVER-I-Want-a-tarian and
I think you might enjoy being one too!

P.S. All these desserts are raw vegan, let me know if you want recipes! They taste more delicious than they look.