Sunday, June 28, 2009

Embracing our Creative Spirits!

Today is the Day! My interview on "Embracing your Creative Spirit" with my lovely friend Tiffany Windsor...on her inspired at home Blogtalk Radio show...I can't believe that I have butterflies...But I do. So much to try and share in short 10 minutes! The event is today at 4:00 Pacific time.

I am so looking forward to reconnecting with my old friends and sharing what is new in my life...
Probably the biggest surprise for all our old friends is the same big surprise my Husband Roban and I got on the day that our 24 year old daughter Rileigh was in labor with our first Grandchild..

I found out that I was expecting my own little age 47 (o.k. now I really have no secrets!)!

The photo at the beginning of this post is a three generation photo. Taken last Friday of me holding my perfect and beautiful 15 month old baby Maranda Aurora Indigo Bieber and she is holding her equally as yummy 3 week old niece Brooklyn Violet Hansen (Yes... my 2nd beautiful Grandchild)

As you can see our “green healthy eat all the fresh organic fruits and vegetables you desire” lifestyle has more than proven successful! I have never felt better or been more grateful for my blessings in my life...I had no idea how much fun this would be!

When I first told my husband ( Roban) that I was pregnant he said..." I always felt like there was one more spirit for us up in Heaven waiting to come into our family"...I replied, " Well I am glad that God told you...Cause I was Floored"
More photos of my family at the end of this post!

But lets take a minute and talk… about my book and upcoming...Book giveaway! Click on it if you want to purchase a copy.
Here are some of the projects in my book…everything is made from Felted wool sweaters from the back of the closet or from my local thrift store. The rush you get from felting on purpose is enormous! Especially if you have ever “accidentally” felted a favorite sweater! I also love the rush that comes from making a project in an afternoon…for a few bucks…vs. Spending big bucks on wool yarn taking and weeks and weeks to knit. Don’t get me wrong I am a knitter and I love to knit, but Creating projects this way feels like magic.

So here are the details. Share with me (by making a comment on my blog) your favorite recycling or repurposing craft project or wearable idea and the winner gets a Free copy of my book! Basically we are just sharing ideas on how we can redefine the supplies and stuff around our house…Can you say old unfinished needlepoint into cool new shopping bag, You know that kind of stuff.

Got to run... interview coming up! If you miss it tonight you can always down load it at blogtalk radio and hear it in your pajamas while you are making some cool project!...p.s. Add glitter! or at least put a little behind your fine perfume!
Here are photos of Skylar ( 10) Tristan (7), Rileigh 24 and my son in law Ben Hansen, Rileigh, My Granddaughter Jocelyn Rose ( and Marandas neice), Jason ( 23), Katelyn ( 18), Jocelyn, Skylar and Maranda, and of course the three generations Brooklyn, Maranda and Me!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Victorian Flowerchild

So this is what I have been up to lately...making things to put into my Victorian Flowerchild shop on etsy. Little girl dresses made from vintage treasures, cool purses, and I had the idea the other day of making what I am calling "Baby Brooches" Brooches made from vintage things and ribbonwork flowers clipped to a shirt or dress with a diaper pin so that you can remove them for eating or washing...What do you think? Just ordered some diaper pins...I'll let you know how that works out.

I am planning sort of a grand opening to let people know about my etsy shop on June 28. That is also the day I am interview on inspiredathome radio with Tiffany Windsor. I am thrilled to be connecting with Tiffany again. I will also be doing a weekly radio spot on getting in touch with your creativity. REALLY looking forward to that as I believe that is one of the reasons God put me on earth to share what I know about that and keep myself immersed in my creative spirit!
I am also getting ready to do a tutorial on my blog. I made some really cute dresses for Maranda ( my baby) and Jocelyn (Grand daughter) with a baby undershirt and an eyelet trimmed womens blouse. Very simple, and very cute. Inspired by an adorable dress that I bough for my daughter Rileigh 24 years ago and paid 28.00 for back then!
Note on the lovely Grand daughter...yes Grandchild...Yes Marandas neice... remember that thing about finding out that I was pregnant at age 47 when my daughter was in labor with my 1st Grandchild?..Let's hear it for unexpected blessings and very healthy bodies)

I am also happy that I finally made a cute purse to put in my shop I love this vintage barkcloth. I made 2 of them one to sell and one for me to use I have so many cool things to make into purses and sometimes I can't believe that me...the purse queen...does not even have a cool purse that matches my mood. Those days are over.