Thursday, June 18, 2009

Victorian Flowerchild

So this is what I have been up to lately...making things to put into my Victorian Flowerchild shop on etsy. Little girl dresses made from vintage treasures, cool purses, and I had the idea the other day of making what I am calling "Baby Brooches" Brooches made from vintage things and ribbonwork flowers clipped to a shirt or dress with a diaper pin so that you can remove them for eating or washing...What do you think? Just ordered some diaper pins...I'll let you know how that works out.

I am planning sort of a grand opening to let people know about my etsy shop on June 28. That is also the day I am interview on inspiredathome radio with Tiffany Windsor. I am thrilled to be connecting with Tiffany again. I will also be doing a weekly radio spot on getting in touch with your creativity. REALLY looking forward to that as I believe that is one of the reasons God put me on earth to share what I know about that and keep myself immersed in my creative spirit!
I am also getting ready to do a tutorial on my blog. I made some really cute dresses for Maranda ( my baby) and Jocelyn (Grand daughter) with a baby undershirt and an eyelet trimmed womens blouse. Very simple, and very cute. Inspired by an adorable dress that I bough for my daughter Rileigh 24 years ago and paid 28.00 for back then!
Note on the lovely Grand daughter...yes Grandchild...Yes Marandas neice... remember that thing about finding out that I was pregnant at age 47 when my daughter was in labor with my 1st Grandchild?..Let's hear it for unexpected blessings and very healthy bodies)

I am also happy that I finally made a cute purse to put in my shop I love this vintage barkcloth. I made 2 of them one to sell and one for me to use I have so many cool things to make into purses and sometimes I can't believe that me...the purse queen...does not even have a cool purse that matches my mood. Those days are over.

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